Innovative software to manage retail business strategies

SmartCircle, a industry story that needs to be told

In 2010, RTF was getting some resistance from a US competitor about an alleged patent issue.

RTF decided to innovate instead of litigate and developed a software based application where the displayed smartphone was the security alarm.

During a technological shift in device charging along with the need to guard against device power down RTF developed a network of interconnected devices and SmartCircle was born.

As the service became larger, the network of advanced features increased yet no one was subscribing because the software product crossed over many retail departments.

So in 2014, our President had an idea. Create a digital price tag using the displayed smartphone.

In 2015, Telefonia globally subscribed to our digital labeling service and SmartCircle continues to thrive as a digital media, compliance and planogram management solution in retail wireless stores.

How does SmartCircle work?