RTF offers innovative retail display security hardware products that include one simple and universal piece… Connect.

Our core - Connect.

Our customers can scale security from effective tape control to hardcore device protection quickly and within budget.

RTF also created the RDM revolution and is the first hardware security company to add an additional smart software layer to displayed devices giving enhanced security, metrics, operational and marketing control.


Boomerang is an aesthetically pleasing, easy to install, flexible and low cost anti-theft system and is perfectly suited for safe environments with ample staff coverage. Our entry level display solution employes 3M VHB tape and adheres to the merchandise.

Boomerang5 - Retail Display Security

“The simplest, most flexible retail display security system on the market today!”

US Wireless Customer


Vise mechanically locks to your expensive display merchandise while ensuring the retail display quality . Your smartphone experiences no damage at the same time ensuring the highest level of loss prevention device security.

Vise5 - Retail Display Security

“Outstanding product quality and exceptional customer support!”

Canadian Wireless Customer


SmartCircle installs onto Android or Apple devices and virtually becomes your own in-store, Retail Demo Mode. Control messaging, digital pricing and gain valuable insights on store compliance and customer metrics.

“Leading edge digital marketing, metrics collection and compliance management!”

Latam Wireless Customer