Wind, Freedom and RTF … from the start

Wind Mobile first was introduced to the Canadian wireless market back in 2008.

mobile phone merchandise security

RTF, a Canadian retail merchandise security provider was chosen to work with Wind.

Today the two companies have been collaborating for over a decade.

Wind launched utilising RTF’s iconic brushed 45 degree aluminum mount and Vise3.

kiosk merchandise security

In Canadian retail you need to remain flexible and both Wind and RTF practiced this for over 10 years.

One way is to keep store design fresh, therefore retailers need to reinvent themselves periodically to remain relevant.

In 2015 Wind changed the look of their store environment and moved to RTF’s simple and practical Boomerang system.

shop merchandise security

This solution used an above counter fixture – Display4, a Boomerang pad and mount along with an aircraft cable recoiler.

In 2015 Shaw Communications purchased Wind Mobile and rebranded the wireless retailer – Freedom Mobile.

Today, with the advent of live smartphone displays such as the Apple iPhone, retail merchandise security is more important than ever.

Mobile phone retailers, such as Freedom, now need to up the ante.

retail mobile phone claws

First the look and feel of the retail environment needs to reflect the changing consumer sophistication plus device security is required to withstand a brutal attack.

10 years after starting this journey together RTF has been asked to stand up to the task and stop iPhone theft.

store merchandise security

Vise HD has been chosen as the loss prevention strategy across Canada. With this high security, locking bracket in place Freedom is winning the battle and no longer losing smartphones to theft.

Based on our long standing relationship, and this current win a Senior VP with Freedom stated.

“If we had a most valuable supplier award, RTF would be chosen!”