Value Mobile

RTF loves local!

As a Canadian based, retail phone security company a lot of our key customers are in our ‘hood.

retail phone security
Boomerang – Tape based control

Set 30 minutes north of the Toronto airport we can easy support head office strategies face to face and provide optimum retail phone security.

Value Mobile chose RTF because of our “Crazy Canuck” status and our hands on, superior support.

For their dummy handsets they chose our entry level control solution – Boomerang! It’s called Boomerang because the device always comes back to the original position. So this 3M VHB tape based strategy is great to ensure a tidy retail space.

For the high risk Apple iPhones on display their retail planners along with RTF devised a high security strategy to both perfectly display the iPhone but also protect it from theft using Vise5 G.

Value Mobile is a multi brand reseller serving mobile customers from over 30 locations throughout Toronto.