Smartphone shield for Covid-19

After months of closures retail is beginning to open up.

smartphone shield for Covid-19

The wireless retail experience requires a displayed smartphone to engage the customer at the same as making them feel safe.

RTF introduced ViseShield allowing a positive experience for both parties as society moves back to normalcy.

covid-19 guard for mobile phones

The mobile phone is basically under Plexiglas and remains untouched resulting in less sanitary maintenance for the retailer and heightened customer peace of mind .

Who is the first group back to retail?

Wireless retailers need to prepare for Millennial’s to storm their shops as they are not mortally affected by Covid-19.

This group are very social and long for the latest tech.

Wireless retailers require strategic digital media campaigns running on the merchandised smartphones for this unique audience.

Distance is still the norm whereby the smartphone now becomes the most important business tool in the store and acts as a “silent salesperson”.

SmartCircle is a retail demo mode that wireless carriers manage and control. With the first wave of customers returning marketing campaigns can be targeted at this specific group, the Millennial’s.

With ViseShield covering Vise5, along with SensorMedia’s patented software both the retailer and customer are smart and safe!